Areas of Competence

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Vision and Mission

conex supports the definition and design of your company’s vision and mission. We can help to work out your corporate values, your quality policy, your environmental policy or your corporate governance viewing at business excellence and corporate social responsibility.

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Systems of Goal Setting and Controlling

conex supports your process to define suitable goals, objectives and strategies. We also help to establish key performance indicators and references in order to control and evaluate the degree of reaching the goals. We prefer the Balanced Scorecard approach.

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Customer Focused Management

Customer orientation does not yet begin in terms of after-sales service. Any company that wants to meet the needs of their customers has to follow a customer-driven strategy. But it is not easy to find your way out of the jungle of concepts, principles and methods. Our concept ”Customer Focused Management“ helps to identify the best way for your business in terms of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Customer Focused Management takes the whole process chain into consideration in an end-to-end point of view.

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Risk Management

In the last years, a solid examination of strategic, operational, technical and further risks has become necessary for companies. We help you to identify your specific risk landscape and to handle your risks.

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Change Management

Based on experience, companies are learning that isolated projects only achieve short term objectives. Studies prove that long term impact needs a comprehensive change process. We help you to drive your cultural change within the framework of your goals, objectives and communication structures.

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Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Growing awareness of ethics and increasing pressure from important stakeholders force companies to have an authentic CSR strategy. This strategy should be part of the corporate policy, otherwise there is no credibility in the eyes of the customers, employees, stakeholders or society. conex helps to locate and define your CSR strategy according to your business.

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Process Management and Management Systems

Quality Management, Environmental Management, Contingency Management, Occupational Health and Safety Management: conex helps to establish and to improve your management system according to international standards (e.g. ISO 9000ff., ISO 14001ff., EMAS, OHSAS 18001, ISO TS 16949, GMP, GLP, GCP, HACCP etc.). We foster a comprehensive approach by integrating separate systems into a process driven management system. Using concepts like Total Quality Management and Business Excellence, we help to establish a learning organization.

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Compliance Management

Companies have to follow an overwhelming quantity of legal and other external requirements. We help to identify the requirements you have to comply with and establish appropriate solutions in your organization.

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Process Audits

It is a common experience that core processes do not produce the desired objectives. This might be caused by process design but also by the tools being used or the underlying IT-systems. Maybe responsibilities and the necessary competences or other basic conditions have changed. We determine the strengths and weaknesses of your process management by conducting process audits in a customized way. We support to your action items by identifying opportunities for improvement.

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Auditor Training

Internal audits and supplier audits are common to most sectors and companies. The competence of the auditors being employed is crucial for the success of your audit. We offer a customized auditor training within the framework of your management system, related to quality management, environmental management, occupational health and safety management or communication management.

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Communication Management

Communication is widely viewed as a central resource. However, the management of internal communication is often judged as insufficient. Either it is reduced to an intranet or other internal mass media or communication is seen as an individual problem. Our unique approach “Business Discourse” fills the gap with well-structured communication management.

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Management Development

Management and Leading as they are experienced and executed, might work as the most important core factor of efficiency and effectiveness of any company. In consequence the responsible departments evaluate their approaches and concepts: What makes the difference? Which management styles work and which do not? Which (sometimes not reflectied) basic assumptions are presupposed?

conex helps to build up a concept for your Management Development that is driven by your objectives and your corporate culture. Aside we are ready to contribute trainings, coaching and workshops in order to realize the concept.

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Evaluation Management

Communicative situations like corporate events, trainings or coaching programs have to be evaluated regarding their effectiveness. We offer a proven way to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of your communication.

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Intercultural Communication

In co-operation with approved experts we prepare your employees for expatriation and for your international project teams. Along with this, we help to conduct workshops of international teams.

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Communication Trainings

All groups are different and each individual has his specific strengths and potentials. Our communication trainings are marked as goal-oriented by using the potential of the participants. We do not offer ready-made trainings, we tailor them. Some examples of our communication trainings are: presentation, conflict dialogue, negotiation, listen and talk, video conferencing, consultative dialogue (specifically designed for consultants and others with a strong focus on listening).

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Team Building

It can be necessary to build up a team in a set-up in order to increase their performance, due to organizational changes or in the course of developing interfaces and relationships. conex offers specifically designed workshops that trigger the communication processes within the team. We complement our services with artists, musicians, medical doctors and other representatives of ‘exotic’ disciplines when useful. Thus, we inspire your employees.

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Conflict Management

Conflicts take place in any company. Conflicting interests, poor communication or distrust and a lack of mutual acceptance are the most common reasons for conflict. Based on careful analysis and specific proposals for improvement, conex helps to improve your corporate culture.

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