Areas with Potential

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We view a task in uncharted territory as an area of potential, if we see big opportunities. Competitive advantages and attractive solutions require creative discussion with unknown questions. High potentials of innovation lead to unique concepts and solutions – to your advantage.

Currently, we are discussing these subjects:



Companies have to deal increasingly with the safety of their IT.This is all about various requirements from classical data security to Business Continuity Management. In co-operation with qualified experts we offer you an analysis of your arrangements regarding IT safety, the identification of potentials for improvement and the support in realizing the necessary measures to the validation of your functionality.


Leading in Decentralized Structures / Remote Leading / Distance Leadership

Management, project directors and general employees have to deal with the issue that colleagues can not always be reached immediately but only with electronic media and time-displacement. The consequence is an increasing liquidation of traditional forms of organization, which is required by a space-time divided world. Due to this, successful leadership and navigation instruments, which always required spontaneous feedback and direct (communication-) contact, are discontinued. Furthermore, distance leadership is confronted with a variety of intercultural challenges. Do you also believe, like we do, that there is unexploited potential to gain for your company? Then contact us.

Identifying and Using Rituals in Organizations

It sounds astonishing, but in all organizations unquestioned rituals are established, even if it seems like the organization has been purposefully and rationally designed.These rituals determine, for example, the interaction with superiors, the ways of communication, the affiliation to subdivisions, and tabooed topics of conversation or actions. We have made the experience that organizational restructuring and also mergers and acquisitions, have to regard the growing, extremely effective rituals, in order to be successful. If you want to learn about the power of rituals, then contact us.

Handling of Rumors

“Office Grapevine”, “Water Cooler News” and “Gossip Factory”: What bigger sized company is not affected by this phenomenon? They often attempt to stem or to prevent this overly human way of overcoming complexity, but they do not achieve anything this way.We believe the opposite: that an organization can learn a lot about the subjects and developments that rumors go around about. What depresses the employees, what do they take seriously and what is just sarcasm or cynicism? Which information shortfalls and which form of awareness is causal for rumors and legends? Rumors are also a source of honest response that you can not gain through standardized employee surveys. Only the explorative involvement in the form of field studies is able to give information. We help to open up the potentials of rumor and story telling.

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