Our Approach


Our consulting services are based on the conviction that real change has to observe three important areas of control:

  • strategy
  • organization
  • communication

The strategy, which derives from vision and mission, has to be improved continuously by looking at the stakeholders (e.g. customers, shareholders, employees and neighborhood).

Each organization has to establish goals and objectives. Based on these, they must provide efficient structures, well-defined processes and the resources needed. Excellent results are the results of efficient and vitalizing communication.

Only an adjusted balance of these areas of control will orient each employee to follow shared values, measurable objectives and defined processes. This leads to important starting points for continuous improvement and innovative transfer.

In our projects we follow these principles and values. Starting from your specific goals and needs, we determine the set-up of methods, tools and procedures related to your situation and resources. And then we resolve the issues working closely with you: reliable, precise, fast and unconventional.

What you gain is clarity, orientation and solution.

Leading to success with creativity and cleverness: The story of the 18thcamel as a metaphor of our vision and mission.