Drive Change Management to success and use neglected resources: new conex-book published at German Gabler-Verlag

Guido Wolf (2010): Der Business Discourse.

Guido Wolf (2010): Der Business Discourse. Effizienz und Effektivität der unternehmensinternen Kommunikation, Wiesbaden: Gabler

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Everywhere internal communication is high in rank, if you ask for the most important reasons of dissatisfaction and bad coordination. Managers address inefficient meetings, useless mails, dysfunctional planned discussions with employees or poorly synchronized communication related to different projects. In spite of well-designed internal media, the staff experiences the “multi-voiced concert” of internal communication dissonantly. The same impression raises in the context of change processes, which are set up with commitment and high flying expectations: poor results caused by poor communication.

Exactly this is the point where the “Business Discourse” helps, a proven concept to evaluate and improve internal communication. We do not look at corporate communication like executed BY the company but look at internal communication as a complex and contradictory field IN the company. Based on fundamentals of the communication theory the Business Discourse offers a holistic view at internal communication in order to make it efficiently and effectively. Guido Wolf published our concept in the book “Der Business Discourse” at Gabler-Verlag (German language). Additionally, you will find many tools and guidelines for your management of internal communication.