„Stepchild Internal Communication“: conex publishes in the FAZ

On the 13th of May 2008, an article written by Dr. Guido Wolf, director of the conex institute, was published in the business section of the German newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”. Against the background of diverse experiences out of large companies from different industrial and servicing sectors, the article deals critically with internal communication in companies. This subject is in great need of improvement in more than a few companies. Too long and inefficient meetings with often poor results, the flood of emails, or a no longer manageable intranet are just a few examples for the daily practices. The management of the internal communication has to be evaluated with an underdeveloped level of maturity in comparison to the unlikely better equipped external market and marketing communication. The consequence: a striking waste of resources and ongoing increasing discontent of the executive personnel and the employees. With the tool of “communication audits“, which was developed by conex, the article shows the solution, which leads to a sustainable improvement of the internal communication management.

Link: The Article out of the FAZ-Archive (German Language)